How Do I Convert PDF to Word Which Are More Than 50mb?

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How do I convert pdf to word which are more than 50mb?

There are two basic formats for PDF files. Text based and image based. Text based still preserves the letters, image based is like a photographic image — the text data is lost. Text based lets you copy the text, image based does not. Some not so good ways. Print the PDF file and then scan it in and choose MS Word output format, OR Open a new word doc (for text based only). Open the PDF file Highlight the topmost letter in the document. Page down to the bottom and press Mouse-click That should highlight the whole file (sometimes A works.) Enter C (or right-click copy)to copy the entire document to the paste buffer Paste inside the word doc (V) If you have OCR SW, then try that directly, i.e. skip the print and scan The above ways preserve much of the formatting, but you still have to do some clean up

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Convert PDF to Word: All You Need to Know

Swindon Word to PDF Converter works for MS Word format docs and DOCX files. However, SWINDON PDF is not limited to only that, it can convert all DOCX files. There are many free DOCX and DOC files available on the internet which can be converted to PDF. You can check more documents online. Click here to find out more about PDF to MS Word Converter in One more thing to note is that the PDF file can be viewed and opened from Windows Explorer. Note : The PDF file formats that SWINDON PDF supports: .doc, .docx, .xls, .ppt, .PPTX and .pdf as well as many other .pdf, .dot, .pdf and.